Service may be our last name, but it's our first priority!

What We Do

  • Consultation
    Have questions? Not sure which technology to implement? Let our expertise in the field provide you with detailed analysis and solutions!
  • Desktop Management
    System setup and configuration of client devices; troubleshooting device issues and providing resolutions to get you back on track. From setup to ongoing management of your desktop environment; we do it all.
  • Network Management
    Running an Active Directory domain, or on a simple workgroup network? Put our Enterprise Architecture experience to work for you in maintaining your network and security solutions.
  • Software Development
    Cornerware, our Software Development division, architects custom designed applications and utilities to suit your every business needs including Web solutions.
  • Web Design
    Whether you are looking for a simple web page, shopping cart system, customer forums, or a complete content management system, we can design your business portal for the web.
  • Web Hosting
    Don't have your own web server, domain, SSL, or other hosting services? Valkyriehost, our Hosting Division, can help with that too!

Services We Provide

We pride ourselves in administering the service you expect. 


If you are unsure about which direction to go with your Infrastructure Technology, we can provide excellent advice that suits your business.  Whether there is an Out-of-the-Box solution that fits your needs, or if you require something partially or completely customized to do the job, we can help you make the best choice.

If your company is a Health Organization, we provide HIPAA Compliance advice and services.  We are fully versed in the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and HIPAA Enforcement Rule.

Desktop Management

We provide all aspects of managing your desktop environment.  Whether you are using powerful full tower workstations, medium desktop devices, tiny form factor space saving systems, or laptops for on the go computing - we can provide you with services to keep your environment running in top shape.

We provide installation and setup services for all your hardware and software, system tools configuration, security management, and application support for many products.

Network Management

We provide services to manage your entire network, from hardware installation and configuration, to server services management we have you covered.  Whether you are on a Windows domain running Active Directory services with Domain Controllers, DNS Servers, File Servers, DHCP Servers, SCCM, etc. or on a simple local Workgroup with some standalone servers or NAS devices - we can provide you with valuable services and insights to ensure your network runs reliably and safely.

Software Development

If you find that from time to time, there just doesn't seem to be the "perfect" off-the-shelf software product to do a specific task that fulfills your needs, then let us help.  We develop custom databases, system utilities, and other tools to fit a specific environment.

Web Design

Need your company's web presence created?  We do that.  We will set down with you and get something designed just the way you want it.  We can help you with varoius CMS products, or fully customized websites.  Your imagination is our canvas.

Web Hosting

Don't have your own web server?  Let us provide one for your website.  We provide complete hosting solutions including Domain Names, Hosting Space, SSL Certificates, and more.  Our Valkyriehost division is exclusive to our clients.